Sunday, December 27, 2009

Merry Christmas... not happy holidays!

Wow - two months have passed since our last update! Colin is now a 15 month old and is really grasping toddler-hood full force. By this I mean chatting, running, hitting and best of all... when I say "NO" he turns to me and says "No No" and wags his finger at me. Nice....

I will say though, every stage of watching him grow so far has been so fun. The way they figure things out and learn cause & effect.

A few things from late FALL. Raking leaves with auntie Megan at Grandma Regan's house -

Hanging with Grandpa B in the fields with the combine.

And now it's Christmas! Colin was helpful with the wrapping - every time a bow went on a present - he ripped it off and put it on his head. I would like to say I helped with this 'do but it was ALL COLIN! ;)
Sweet presents like Clifford the Big Red Dog ride along from Jason's work party -

And this John Deere Tractor so Colin can grow up to be a farmer just like his Grandpa!

Santa was not quite his favorite part of Christmas... He used his sneaky slide skills to make a quick exit!

Christmas was a great time with both families. Fun to see cousins (for us as well as Colin) fun to chat and relax as well as open gifts. We certainly feel blessed for all that we have - most importantly family and friends. As we wrap up 2009 we hope this post finds you happy and healthy. Our resolution will be to update more regularly :)
Love - Robin (and Jason and Colin)

Monday, October 26, 2009's been a while...yes again!!
So we'll give you another 5 minute run down on where we are, where we were, and where we're going -

Sit back and enjoy!!

Grandma took us to an apple picking farm and we saw lots of pumpkins and picked some delicious apples!

Cousins Brady and Mackenzie came over one Saturday and we went to the park and got WILD in the ball pit. There's one of Colin above and one of my cousin Brady below!

At the end of September we took a fun trip to St. Louis to visit Karl, Jenna and Layna! It was so fun to watch the kids interact - Colin thought Layna was the coolest and watched every move. And Layna thought Colin was her brother... yes, that one took some explaining! :) We went to the Brewery to see the horses and sample the beer and then to Grant's Farm to see the animals and yes, sample the beer. It was a great trip and we are grateful for friends like Karl and Jenna!!!

Here's a photo of the crew at the Brewery - this barrel alone would last you a lifetime and to consume it all you'd need to drink 21 cases a day... yikes. Day 2 the camera broke (SAD) so we don't have any pics to upload!

Following St. Louis we've been here at home for the most part! Jason and I celebrated our fourth anniversary at Jersey Boys - it was an amazing show and I recommend you see it! So fun. We are thankful to be busy at work and I've been able to volunteer at the Cancer Support Center and Southwest Community Services Bingo night. It's fun to get involved in the community a bit.

October.... We decided Colin was probably big enough to give the whirpool tub a try. He LOVES it - in fact he runs to the other side when we try to grab him out. He's tricky that way...

Do you think he likes it?

We also got to go to the Manhattan Fall Fest at the Round Barn. Mackenzie and Grandma B came along for some fun! :) Here are a few from the day.

And finally.... a preview of Dr. Colin!

Happy Halloween!!!

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Labor Day & Colin's B-Day....Horray!!

Well, we'll begin tonight's adventure with a recap of Labor Day weekend.
Robin, Colin and I enjoyed some quality Cottage time prior to its close for the season.

Picture : Grandma enjoying some time with Skipper Colin

Picture : After looking ticked for about 20 minutes, Colin finally relaxed and decided to take a nap...

Picture: If you are in the know... you'll know why the next picture is a classic :)


First off - Colin did terrific for his B-Day Weekend. Due to space concerns and the number of invitees...we turned it into a Party Weekend. Jason's Family on Saturday & Robin's Family on Sunday.

Picture: Colin is introduced to his Cake. He was patient at first...

but then he couldn't help himself....

Picture: Day 2 - Robin's Side
He knew the routine by then... where's the cake???

We had to use the garden hose by Day 2...
Oh yeah... Presents aren't so bad either are they Colin :)

Who needs a landscaper?? Colin is coming to a neighborhood near you soon.. (Thanks Gram)

Who needs Chucky Cheese?? We now have one in our living room...

This is awesome!!!

Thanks to everyone that participated in Colin's B-Day!! Robin and I had a great time putting it all together and seeing his reactions. How he has grown in one year is just amazing!!
Jason, Robin, & Colin

Sunday, September 6, 2009

Vacation to Lake Tahoe!

Narrated by Colin:
Every time my parents take me somewhere they first put me in a confined place. Whether it be the elevator to get outside, the car to get to daycare, or worst of all the plane to get to Tahoe. How do they expect a rambunctious little one like myself to sit still for 4 hours? And do they really think a couple of toys and a bag of snacks will help that much?

But - no matter what they put me in - the end result is pretty good! I got to spend a week with my cousin Evan, Aunt Jen and Uncle John. They live in Boston, but we won't hold that against them. Evan is a good time - he taught me things like playing in cabinets, the joys of spatulas, and even how to survive a bike trailer. I like to think I taught him a few things too, but I'm not sure.

Throughout the week - my parents took me fun places like the children's museum, the beach, the pool and for walks and hikesThey also took me some not so fun places, like the bike trailer (shudder) and well... this pretty lame place Northern Nevada calls a Zoo.

My mom wants you to know that yes, the bird is walking and flying about the zoo - no cage! and that we felt pretty secure behind the lion's lovely 2 fences that most have in their suburban backyard!

It was definitely a good time. Far away from the stresses of day care, plenty of snacks and even late bedtimes! Cool to see my parents a bit more too - what are they thinking - going to work so much!

Well, that's all for now. Thanks to my cuz for making this vacation one of the best! :)

Saturday, August 15, 2009

Just a quick post....
Last Sunday we were out on the Kankakee River at the beach for Megan's (my little sister) Graduation Party. Seeing how it was about 90 deg & sunny out, the cool water was very inviting -

On Wednesday - Robin's Company had a bike ride out in Frankfort. Again, perfect weather!! Robin below is showing off her Mad skills on her bike. What you don't see here is the 20 ft ramp she's about to attempt to jump... :)

While mom was out biking, Colin and I decided to take the "Stroller" route around the path. We decided to take a few candid shots along the way.

It wasn't all fun and games though - Colin decided to live life on the edge as you'll see in this next video...

That's about it for now...more pic's to come from this weekend. John, Jen & Evan are in from Boston and I know they have a pool party planned @ Grandma's this afternoon...and if that isn't enough excitement, we're all going to a BBQ at the Holtrop residence this evening to kickoff the Bears Season.

Good Times ahead!! Hope everyone is doing well & we hope to hear from you soon...

Jason, Robin, & Colin

P.S. - ok just two more...he was looking pretty handsome the other night in the bath... I can't keep this one just for Robin and I. Enjoy!!

Thursday, August 6, 2009

No time for pics...

Just a quick post.. Colin is only 1 month away from his 1st birthday!! I can hardly believe it was a year ago before we had him in our lives - we didn't know what we were missing! :)

He's doing well - first two teeth have arrived and the teething wasn't too dreadful. We'll see when the next group comes in. He's been super active, hinting at walking but REFUSING to wear shoes. I'll try to catch a video in the next few days. I put shoes on him and he fusses and pulls at them until he gets them off. It's ridiculous.

He's also moved on to table food - LOVES fruits (bananas, canned peaches, etc.) The day care is pretty hilarious because they feed him all sorts of stuff - cauliflower, grilled cheese, turkey sandwiches, they just keep telling me - wow, he's such a good eater! I just think um.... Have you seen his tummy? Was there ever a doubt? Plus I can recall his early months when he would finish his bottle and just whimper... what can I say, the kid loves food.

We went over to Candi and Eric's last night for a mexican fiesta! It is so good to have great friends to just chill with. We laughed about in-law stuff, groaned about work stuff and got excited about wedding stuff! Plus - we had free entertainment watching Gipper give Colin wet willies... pretty funny! :)

This weekend J has a golf outing and we're celebrating his sister's graduation from Eastern Illinois. Stay tuned!

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Go #11

A fishy tale....

A few weeks we went up to the lake and Colin met... the FISH. This fish was orange with bulging eyes and a big smile. They immediately were inseperable.

The time came to pack up the car and go home. When we arrived back in Tinley Park and unpacked our bags imagine our surprise when we found FISH hiding in the beach bag. If Colin was any older - I'd think he stuffed it there, but alas it was simply fate (or haste... as we also had a Good Housekeeping registered to Cheryl Brown and one of Great Grandma's beachtowels.) Clearly the beachbag was a haven for many of the lake's pleasures.

A few days later - we went to Grandma's pool and dropped off the cottage belongings... the towels, the bedsheets and yes - the FISH. But... when we took the bag out to return Colin spotted his friend from the lake! What fun the fish and Colin had in the pool that night but when it was time to go, Colin and the fish could not part. (or without massive temper tantrum that is) So - FISH came home again.

This Sunday we may head up to the lake - where the FISH will be returned to his "school" or at least the other two fish that reside at the cottage. It will be a sad day - but it sure has been fun! Bye Bye Orange Fishy!

The End.

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

One Month in Fast Forward....

Whoa - one month since I've posted! Things they are a-changin' when you have a 9 month old. He is a crawling fool and stands up on everything he can!
I suppose the best way to recap June is through pictures!
Colin loving his new bathtub...
Jason and I realizing why it is we pay so much for landscaping at the condo....
Playing in the annual Slosh Kickball Game... and yes, it's as fun as it sounds!
Chillin at the Lake
Autographs with Brian Anderson, the White Sox super cute Center Fielder
Surgery - no worries, he's fine.
Cottage again - and all to ourselves!

And a Wednesday night at Grandma and Grandpa's pool - this month was the best! :)