Saturday, November 29, 2008

Thanksgiving 08

Colin's first Thanksgiving! How fun to have outfits for holiday wear - especially pants that say Gobble Gobble along the butt!
After church, we went to my grandparents for the early shift of Thanksgiving - lots of laughs like usual and fantastic food. Later that day we went down to Jason's sister's house for dessert and more family. Colin did amazingly well with the long day. Other than a few tears, he was near perfect!

Yesterday was shopping extravaganza. Woke up at 3:30 to finish scouting the sale papers and Dana arrived at 4:30 for our annual shop-fest. Ran into my cousin Ashley and Kerry at a few different places and both Dana and I seem to have just about all of our gifts purchased! Also picked up a Wii Fit because it was too tempting! In the afternoon we put up the tree and Xmas decor. Colin was mesmerized by all the lights and Logan loves to lay on the tree skirt (especially in the sweet Santa outfit Jason got him.)

Last night my p's, Dana and Tim and Matt and Rhea (and kids) came for the Christmas Kickoff. Pizza, Games and of course... National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation Movie!

This morning Colin got to meet his mom's friend Melissa, who now lives in TN. It is always great to catch up and she got him some cool Tennessee Titan apparel! Thanks Melissa!

Tonight is an engagement party for Rick and Nicole and then tomorrow will be a day of REST - we need it!

However - we also wanted to post what we are thankful for: (Jason to add when he wakes up from his nap.)
Robin: a husband who is caring, loving and kind. He is my friend and companion, I can't imagine the highs or the lows without him. Colin - what an amazing blessing, being a parent is such a great gift and I can't wait to watch him grow up! Our faith - growing up in a Christian home and seeing examples of Christian marriage. And as we go into the holiday season, for the birth of Christ, without whom we would be hopeless. Thanks to family and friends for their love and support - we love you all! Happy Thanksgiving and enjoy the Christmas season!

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Yahoo - WEEKEND!

Even when you don't work - you still look forward to the weekends - why is that? Maybe because of Fantasy Football... big match up this week against Phil and Kristen - hopefully my team, Colin Jay's Crusade brings home a victory! :)
Weekend has been fun - Friday we hung out at home, watched a movie and just chilled the three of us (and Logan). Last night we met up with some friends for dinner and the 007 Movie while Grandma B. watched Colin. After the movie we were still inspired to stay out so we went over to Bella Martini - the greatest Martini bar ever... very low key and eclectic group of patrons!
Oops - Colin is crying - I'll post more later!

Tuesday, November 11, 2008


It's amazing to me that life never really goes the way you planned. These last few weeks have been pretty crazy. My parents are in a financial crisis (as all builders are right now... thanks to this great economy) and so I've learned a few things.. 1. No one can replace your family. My aunt and uncle have sold their home and are moving into one of the homes that my p's have available and need desperately to sell. It is amazing to me how generous and kind hearted family can be... truly. Here is a picture of Dana and I cleaning there over the weekend. It's new construction and GORGEOUS!

You can barely see them in the background but I was having serious appliance lust. They are all electrolux and Ah-MAZING! Even Jason and Colin participated in Operation Clean House! (here's Colin on the steps)

Please pray that the market changes FAST and that my parent's can sell some of the homes and lots they have - it's not looking good at the moment.

2. Second thing I've learned - pregnancy is easier than post-partum. I went to the dr. for the terrible wrist pain I've been having and I have DeQuervain's Tenosynovitis... sounds exciting right? Well - I have an arm splint for now since I can't really do the steroid injections or pain meds while nursing (oh and this has taken about 40 minutes to type with this brace on... grr.) Oh well - it will get better!

3. A girl can get REALLY used to not working! I'm going to need to get back into the swing of things - less than 3 weeks at home yet and then back to work. I do have a small part of me that misses the interaction and challenges of my job - but I sure do love being home with Colin. These weeks have been amazing and it is so fun to "get to know" your child!

I guess that's it - hope everyone is doing well and I will post again soon! Also - Dykhouse (aka Schuler) do you have a blog? I can't find you!

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

History in the Making... Although Logan and Colin don't look too interested...

I hope everyone went out and voted today! I surprised myself this election and voted for a few candidates I never would have expected to vote for but let's face it... the policies were better suited to what I think this country/state of Illinois / Village of Tinley Park needs. I'll leave it at that - but I'm excited that history will be made tonight with whomever is elected!

History is also in the making as I actually made it to the health club two nights in a row - yes, I know - shocking. Why is it that the hardest part of working out is getting my butt of the couch and driving there? During the workout Colin stayed with his Auntie Rita - he was a little fussy but she said she'd be happy to watch him anytime which is priceless since she lives so close! After the workout, I was able to meet up with a friend of mine for dinner and drinks - thank you Jason for watching him even after you worked all day - it was VERY nice to get out of the house for a little while without my shadow! :)

Monday, November 3, 2008

It's not facebook, but...

Well friends.. you know I can't bring myself to join facebook - sorry! But at least this way, you can all find out what's happening here with the Bettenhausen clan and also see pictures of Colin - hurray! So... here we go!

The weekend was eventful - Trick or Treating on Friday down in Peotone with Colin and his cousins Mackenzie and Brady (aka Dora and Boots). Weather was GORGEOUS here in the Chicagoland area which made the evening walk quite enjoyable! No treats were collected as Colin is obviously too young, Jason doesn't eat sweets and well - given that I just had a baby... I obviously don't need them! Fun nonetheless though seeing the costumes and little ones all dolled up for Halloween.

Sunday was Colin's baptism at New Life. Good times with family and just an exciting feeling as a parent to know that you are committing to your child that you will raise them in the faith and teach them whatever you can. The older I get, the more I realize how much we need our faith and that without it, life would be meaningless! Thanks to all that attended and for supporting Colin! Well, that's it for Post #1 - but I will update this with photos and updates as they come up. Love - Robin (and Jason and Colin)

Brady and Colin hanging out at the baptism party...