Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Home from Vacation!

Well we are home... from an amazing vacation! I had to go to Phoenix for work so Jason and Colin flew down the next day and then we stayed a week for some fun! Rhea, Matt, Brady and Mackenzie also came along and added to the excitement!

Colin did GREAT on the plane and was really well behaved for the majority of the trip. However - I am so used to vacations of laying out and relaxing that I was exhausted this trip running around everywhere with an infant! Nonetheless - it was really fun to take a family trip.
A huge thank you to the Van Hofwegen's for showing Colin around the dairy and for having us over for a bbq! Sorry that I couldn't make it to the piano bar but J had a blast!!!
Here are a few pics from the vacation for your enjoyment...

At the airport ready to go to Arizona! Awesome Dad award to Jason for flying alone with the baby!

Go Cubs! This was our first of 4 baseball games - I heart spring training! Although Colin was NOT a Cubs fan... but we were ALL fans of 84 degree weather and cold beer!

Colin discovered the pool had many uses... good for nap time as well as floating! He LOVED the pool - it was fun to watch!
Although most of our time was spent at the ball fields, we did find a day to visit Sedona - neither of us had ever been and it was gorgeous! This was a chapel built into the rock - very moving feeling when you walked in...
And this is Colin in his hiking gear as we traversed Sedona by foot!
Thanks to the Hespens for great hotel deals and thanks to my work for sending me out there - what a fantastic trip - it was hard to come home!!!