Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Back to the grind...

Well - Vacation month, aka March, is over. We had a great cruise with friends Kerry, Dave, Jason and Melissa. Weather - not so nice, but everything else - lots of fun. Won a little cash at roulette (Colin's b-day hit so many times!) Arizona was also a blast, especially spending quality time with Colin and yes, the White Sox. We were lucky to get baseballs, autographs and pictures with some GREAT players. We also got to spend time with the Hespens, Van Hofwegens and Beukemas. And really, what more could we want? Gorgeous weather, baseball and overall - a great time away from work.

Easter was a good time, hanging out with family, enjoying great food and watching Colin devour jelly beans. Watching it was fun, dealing with the sugar rush after the fact... not so fun.

Yesterday we did dinner and drinks with Tim, Amber and adorable Tillie! She is such a good baby (almost one year old already)! Colin was "showing off" in boyish ways by climbing on tables, throwing things and jumping around like a crazy person. Someone told me boys were easier... hmmmm... not sure about that.

We are hosting an open house this weekend in our quest to sell the condo so hopefully we get some people through the doors that are interested... time will tell.

Hopefully I'll get a few pictures up later this week that cover the last month.
For now... have a great night!