Saturday, August 15, 2009

Just a quick post....
Last Sunday we were out on the Kankakee River at the beach for Megan's (my little sister) Graduation Party. Seeing how it was about 90 deg & sunny out, the cool water was very inviting -

On Wednesday - Robin's Company had a bike ride out in Frankfort. Again, perfect weather!! Robin below is showing off her Mad skills on her bike. What you don't see here is the 20 ft ramp she's about to attempt to jump... :)

While mom was out biking, Colin and I decided to take the "Stroller" route around the path. We decided to take a few candid shots along the way.

It wasn't all fun and games though - Colin decided to live life on the edge as you'll see in this next video...

That's about it for now...more pic's to come from this weekend. John, Jen & Evan are in from Boston and I know they have a pool party planned @ Grandma's this afternoon...and if that isn't enough excitement, we're all going to a BBQ at the Holtrop residence this evening to kickoff the Bears Season.

Good Times ahead!! Hope everyone is doing well & we hope to hear from you soon...

Jason, Robin, & Colin

P.S. - ok just two more...he was looking pretty handsome the other night in the bath... I can't keep this one just for Robin and I. Enjoy!!

Thursday, August 6, 2009

No time for pics...

Just a quick post.. Colin is only 1 month away from his 1st birthday!! I can hardly believe it was a year ago before we had him in our lives - we didn't know what we were missing! :)

He's doing well - first two teeth have arrived and the teething wasn't too dreadful. We'll see when the next group comes in. He's been super active, hinting at walking but REFUSING to wear shoes. I'll try to catch a video in the next few days. I put shoes on him and he fusses and pulls at them until he gets them off. It's ridiculous.

He's also moved on to table food - LOVES fruits (bananas, canned peaches, etc.) The day care is pretty hilarious because they feed him all sorts of stuff - cauliflower, grilled cheese, turkey sandwiches, they just keep telling me - wow, he's such a good eater! I just think um.... Have you seen his tummy? Was there ever a doubt? Plus I can recall his early months when he would finish his bottle and just whimper... what can I say, the kid loves food.

We went over to Candi and Eric's last night for a mexican fiesta! It is so good to have great friends to just chill with. We laughed about in-law stuff, groaned about work stuff and got excited about wedding stuff! Plus - we had free entertainment watching Gipper give Colin wet willies... pretty funny! :)

This weekend J has a golf outing and we're celebrating his sister's graduation from Eastern Illinois. Stay tuned!