Friday, January 23, 2009

First trip to the ER

So, here's an update on the last few days. Very tense but hopefully we're on our way to improvement!

I suppose it started right around the holidays - Colin got a nasty cold that he just couldn't shake. Last week, the daycare called and said his cough was really bad and that we needed to take him back to the dr. So... last week we went back to the pediatrician and he got an antibiotic and a steroid. Note to parents - if you can stay away from steroids - do it! One of the side effects is "psychosis" so my nursing student friend tells me and Colin was WILD while on it!

The bottle it came in said side effects - sleeplessness and increased appetite. Talk about the understatement of the year - J and I have not slept for a week and I've had to introduce formula because I couldn't keep up with his insatiable hunger! The steroid was INSANE. However - the cough began to clear up and so we figured we were home free...

Yesterday we woke up and Colin's soft spot was bulging out of his head - we completely freaked. Mostly because it indicates swelling in his skull and obviously around his brain. We packed up and headed for the emergency room after a few calls around to family for advice.

The ER at Christ / Hope was fantastic - they actually have a pediatric ER so just for kids! The Dr. said they didn't feel it was meningitis because he was still acting pretty fiesty (not lethargic) and it wasn't so bulged that you couldn't push it in a bit (yeah... gross). They discharged us and said to watch him closely and bring him to the pediatrician the next day.

Off to the Dr. again today and he believes that the "intra cranial swelling" is a side effect of the steroid that he was on. We need to keep watching it and if it doesn't go down in a few days, Colin will have an ultrasound done on his head.

Needless to say - we were pretty terrified but feel confident that the dr.'s that have seen him are not too worried yet. Keep Colin in your prayers and we will definitely post again once his condition changes (hopefully for the better!!!)

Saturday, January 3, 2009

Good morning everyone!!

I guess this post needs to start with where we left off.... HoHoHo Merry Christmas & a Hap Hap Happy New Year to everyone!!

Now that we're caught up with the formalities - here's what happened in the Bettenhausen Household the past couple of weeks...

In case you didn't get our Chrismas Card - here was our little Colin Jay in his Christmas Stocking. Colin was truly the greatest gift Santa could have left under our Christmas Tree this year.

Christmas itself was pretty exciting. Christmas Eve was spent over at the Heemstra Household where the annual singing of Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer was sung. A little overwheling for an outsider like me, but after years and years of tradition, you find yourself not really thinking about how stupid I look singing it, but rather I couldn't imagine a Christmas without it. It's kind of like the Opening Ceremony of Christmas. It has begun. Colin must have been a very good boy his first couple of months in this life. Santa and his elves were very generous.

The Christmas Story was read...the presents were was a great day for everyone. It was a great time to reflect back on what the true meaning for the season really is. God has continued to bless our family over and over again.

It was an extra special time for us also in that Colin was able to meet his cousin Evan for the first time ever. Let's just say Grandma had a grin from ear to ear the past couple of weeks. You be the judge....

With family being the spot light for the Holiday Season - that was pretty much the focus on New Years. We needed to get the family back to normal.

Normal = 3 to 4 oz feeding every 3 hrs, occasional naps, bed time 8:00 pm / wake up 7:00 am

Christmas Week = 2 oz snacks every 2 hrs, no naps, bed time 11:00 pm / wake up at 2:00 am, 3:30 am, and 5:00 am
It was a rough sleeping week for everyone - but I guess in the long run, we don't have that much to grumble about. He's pretty good in that department.

On New Years, we put Colin down about 7:00/7:15 pm and he slept pretty good all night. Time to break out the Nintendo Wii...

(and yes he is dangerously close to drilling our tv)
Our good friends Jordan & Krissi graced us with their presence on Dec 31st. It was a lot of Fun!! Sadly...Jordan and I got dominated in just about every game we played that night. They said it was because they were smarter & better than us at most of the games we played, but I'm willing to bet it was the beer. Oh well!!

That pretty much gets you caught up with us. We hope that all of your families had a wonderful Holiday season & we are very anxious to hear about your happenings as well.

Till then....

The Bettenhausens
P.S. Here's Colin dressed up in one of his Christmas presents.