Monday, March 8, 2010


I have been waiting for the month of March since we flipped the calendar to 2010! This month is VACATION! Thursday we leave for Florida/Bahamas cruise. Although I'm having some anxiety about leaving Colin for 4 nights, I know he's in good hands. After all, who could resist a cute boy with a faux-hawk?

When we return from the cruise, it's back to work for a few days and then off to Arizona for some baseball, beers and fun in the sun. Colin is coming with and hopefully we'll get some great player autographs like last year!

Other than vacations coming up, it's been same old same old around here. Ready for winter weather to go away and fighting off colds. Colin is really getting chatty - his vocab is great and it's fun to hear his little voice and watch his mind work as we point to pictures in books or puzzles. He is also a little pistol... his new climbing skills are really driving his mom and dad crazy... He finds it hilarious to climb onto the coffee table and then imitate us by saying "Dit Down!" What a punk! ;) In addition, as I was filling the dishwasher last night he climbed on top of the open door and was bouncing up and down. I know that I wanted an outgoing little boy, but I should be careful what I wish for!

Here's a shout out to Jason because he is a great dad!

Talk to you when we get back from vacation!