Thursday, May 28, 2009

On the move...

Colin is crawling! It's been in the works for a couple of weeks but the last week or so he's mastered it! Although this is exciting - it also means the house belongs to him and everything is open for exploration! Who would have thought the door stops were the coolest toy invented? Or that a dog could provide so much entertainment for a crawling child?

It's been a great couple of weeks! Kerry and I ran (jogged) a 5k in Mokena

We went to Tim and Dana's Memorial Day party on Koonst Lake and then up to Bass Lake for the rest of Memorial Day. Great weather for most of the weekend and fun to hang out with both friends and family.

Tuesday I had a spa day - I recommend this to EVERYONE! What a relaxing day in Gilman - I walked the paths, had a Salt Scrub and Vichy shower, Massage, Pedicure, Facial and spent some time in the pool and sauna. It was AMAZING. Seriously - Go. The Heartland Spa in Gilman, IL.

This weekend - off to Cedarburg for a Bed and Breakfast excursion! Colin will have his first night away from home with his grandma and grandpa and J and I will have a day and night away!

Next post will be Colin's Adventures at the Grandparents... has a nice ring to it - book title maybe? Hopefully they'll teach him some new skills... he's already pretty advanced - he can work wonders with a calculator.

He's also quite sneaky - I hope Grandma and Grandpa know what they're in for!!!

Saturday, May 16, 2009

Vote for Colin!

Vote Colin - Chicago's must Huggable Baby!!! The LITE is holding a contest and we think Colin's got what it takes. But because we know that every parent will be stuffing the ballot box by asking friends and family to vote - we figured we'd better do the same!!

Just click the link below - Scroll Down and Click where it says "Not a Member? Click here to join"
You have to fill out some dumb info (sorry) but then you can vote for Colin!
You can vote once a day - please vote!!!
I know we're "those parents" now - but isn't he just adorable?? Let's help him WIN!

Thank you!!!!

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Happy Mother's Day!!


Colin has a Mother's Day card for you.... you just have to come and get it!!! See how excited he is to give it to you... :)

Happy Mother's Day to all mom's on this Sunday!!

Colin was fantastic today!! (something new right...) He really was.
Little bit of a change of pace this morning.

Normally, 7 days a week, Colin is waking us up in the morning to get our days going whether we're ready for him to do so or not. Today, we ran the show. Up and at them, 5:30 am.

Today was the Breast Cancer Walk downtown.
Everyone was in high spirits...

Such a great cause!! Another great year of memories - especially to enjoy it as parents. It just gives you such a different perspective on the world around us.

Well - this is just going to be a quick post. Again, it's 7:30 pm and Colin needs his beauty sleep. He's kicking me out.

Hope everyone has a great week ahead!!
Summer is here - everyone get out and enjoy the weather.

An appropriate end to the Mother's Day Weekend -
A mother and her son

Good night!!