Saturday, July 11, 2009

Go #11

A fishy tale....

A few weeks we went up to the lake and Colin met... the FISH. This fish was orange with bulging eyes and a big smile. They immediately were inseperable.

The time came to pack up the car and go home. When we arrived back in Tinley Park and unpacked our bags imagine our surprise when we found FISH hiding in the beach bag. If Colin was any older - I'd think he stuffed it there, but alas it was simply fate (or haste... as we also had a Good Housekeeping registered to Cheryl Brown and one of Great Grandma's beachtowels.) Clearly the beachbag was a haven for many of the lake's pleasures.

A few days later - we went to Grandma's pool and dropped off the cottage belongings... the towels, the bedsheets and yes - the FISH. But... when we took the bag out to return Colin spotted his friend from the lake! What fun the fish and Colin had in the pool that night but when it was time to go, Colin and the fish could not part. (or without massive temper tantrum that is) So - FISH came home again.

This Sunday we may head up to the lake - where the FISH will be returned to his "school" or at least the other two fish that reside at the cottage. It will be a sad day - but it sure has been fun! Bye Bye Orange Fishy!

The End.