Monday, October 26, 2009's been a while...yes again!!
So we'll give you another 5 minute run down on where we are, where we were, and where we're going -

Sit back and enjoy!!

Grandma took us to an apple picking farm and we saw lots of pumpkins and picked some delicious apples!

Cousins Brady and Mackenzie came over one Saturday and we went to the park and got WILD in the ball pit. There's one of Colin above and one of my cousin Brady below!

At the end of September we took a fun trip to St. Louis to visit Karl, Jenna and Layna! It was so fun to watch the kids interact - Colin thought Layna was the coolest and watched every move. And Layna thought Colin was her brother... yes, that one took some explaining! :) We went to the Brewery to see the horses and sample the beer and then to Grant's Farm to see the animals and yes, sample the beer. It was a great trip and we are grateful for friends like Karl and Jenna!!!

Here's a photo of the crew at the Brewery - this barrel alone would last you a lifetime and to consume it all you'd need to drink 21 cases a day... yikes. Day 2 the camera broke (SAD) so we don't have any pics to upload!

Following St. Louis we've been here at home for the most part! Jason and I celebrated our fourth anniversary at Jersey Boys - it was an amazing show and I recommend you see it! So fun. We are thankful to be busy at work and I've been able to volunteer at the Cancer Support Center and Southwest Community Services Bingo night. It's fun to get involved in the community a bit.

October.... We decided Colin was probably big enough to give the whirpool tub a try. He LOVES it - in fact he runs to the other side when we try to grab him out. He's tricky that way...

Do you think he likes it?

We also got to go to the Manhattan Fall Fest at the Round Barn. Mackenzie and Grandma B came along for some fun! :) Here are a few from the day.

And finally.... a preview of Dr. Colin!

Happy Halloween!!!


Amber Lynn said...

How in the world is he that big already!?!?? He's completely adorable. Tillie can't wait to meet him.

Candi McElligott said...

OMG Robin and Jason, he's getting so big!!! He's like a little man! Love the pics :) Maybe Eric and I can have a girl someday to be his future bride ;)

Miss u guys, and Robin, see you soon at the shower! :)