Sunday, December 27, 2009

Merry Christmas... not happy holidays!

Wow - two months have passed since our last update! Colin is now a 15 month old and is really grasping toddler-hood full force. By this I mean chatting, running, hitting and best of all... when I say "NO" he turns to me and says "No No" and wags his finger at me. Nice....

I will say though, every stage of watching him grow so far has been so fun. The way they figure things out and learn cause & effect.

A few things from late FALL. Raking leaves with auntie Megan at Grandma Regan's house -

Hanging with Grandpa B in the fields with the combine.

And now it's Christmas! Colin was helpful with the wrapping - every time a bow went on a present - he ripped it off and put it on his head. I would like to say I helped with this 'do but it was ALL COLIN! ;)
Sweet presents like Clifford the Big Red Dog ride along from Jason's work party -

And this John Deere Tractor so Colin can grow up to be a farmer just like his Grandpa!

Santa was not quite his favorite part of Christmas... He used his sneaky slide skills to make a quick exit!

Christmas was a great time with both families. Fun to see cousins (for us as well as Colin) fun to chat and relax as well as open gifts. We certainly feel blessed for all that we have - most importantly family and friends. As we wrap up 2009 we hope this post finds you happy and healthy. Our resolution will be to update more regularly :)
Love - Robin (and Jason and Colin)

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Amber Lynn said...

Love the bows on his head. I put one on Tillie's head at a party.